Electronic Petitions

You may initiate an Electronic Petitions (e-petition) for instances such as a committee member attending your defense via teleconference; filing for a leave of absence; or requesting waivers of late fees, changes to your research assistant/teaching assistant contract after the deadline, and other exceptions. Check with the Director of Graduate Studies or the Graduate Secretary to determine if an e-petition is needed.


  1. To initiate an e-petition, draft a memo requesting the exception with a detailed rationale. The memo should be addressed to the University Graduate School.
    1. For early graduation or changes to your contract, you must consult with the Director of Graduate Studies and your program director. In some circumstances your mentor may need to write a memo of support.
    2. For an e-petition for a committee member to attend a meeting via Skype, the committee member will have to supply their CV. Once all documents are ready, email them to psygrad@fiu.edu. The Graduate Secretary will initiate the petition.
  2. The graduate secretary will submit the petition on your behalf and notify you of any additional documents needed.
  3. The e-petition requires approvals by the Graduate Program Director, the dean of CASE and the dean of UGS.
  4. Once your petition decision is made, UGS will send you an automated email.