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As the Department of Psychology becomes a worldwide leader in innovative research, we also strive to become a leader in health, wellness, inclusion and diversity. With this vision in mind, the Graduate Student Health & Wellness Committee is devoted to promoting a culture in which students are supported and valued. The committee comprises faculty and student representatives from each of the department’s program areas: Clinical Science, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental, Industrial-Organizational and Legal Psychology.

Recent initiatives have focused on facilitating access to resources aimed at improving health and wellness, including identifying sources of stress, sharing strategies that promote well-being, and collaborating with faculty and student members within and outside of the Department of Psychology to strengthen our community as a whole.

If you are interested in joining the committee or would like more information, please contact our committee at You can also follow us on Instagram.


  • GSH&W Comment Box: This comment box is a place for students to ask any questions or to ask for advice. For example, you can ask for help finding real estate contacts, specific questions about using the school-provided health insurance, how to manage your money, tips on how to be more organized, resources for assistance paying rent/food, and more! This box is being facilitated/monitored by the student chairs of the Graduate Student Health and Wellness (GSH&W) Committee. The student chairs will answer your questions or funnel the questions we receive to other students who can answer your questions/provide resources.
  • Graduate Student Open Forum: A resource for graduate students to be able to anonymously and confidentially communicate their issues, concerns, suggestions, and potential solutions. Maintained by Dr. Shannon Pruden, Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Psychology.
  • NYU Growing Up in Science Resource List
  • Handouts

Committee Representatives

Clinical Science

Cognitive Neuroscience

Developmental Psychology

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Legal Psychology

Behavior Analysis

Professional Counseling