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Session IP | Streaming Online | & In-Person | GC-Ballroom- Middle [9:00am-2:10pm] 
Session A | Online Via Zoom | & Casting In Person - GC-Ballroom- East [10:00am-1:20pm] 
Session B | Online Via Zoom |  & Casting In Person- GC-Ballroom- West [10:00am-1:20pm]
Evening  | Online Via Zoom | [5:30pm-7:30pm]
Tabling & Talks 
Please review the program by scrolling down below prior to making a choice of which session to attend.


The Psychology Undergraduate Student Conference answers the question: "What can I do with a bachelor's in psychology?" This event is an opportunity for undergraduate psychology students to get involved with on-campus research, update their plans for graduation and beyond, and find job and internship opportunities.

The conference is for psychology undergraduate majors and minors as well as undergraduates pursuing other majors and students who have graduated with a bachelor’s degree from FIU. The event is a joint effort of the Department of Psychology, Psychology Ambassadors for Student Success, the FIU chapter of Psi Chi Honor Society, FIU Career and Talent Development and the Psychology advising team. It runs every fall at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus and in spring at the Biscayne Bay Campus.


The student conference delivers informative sessions throughout the day which expose students to career resources, employment and internship opportunities. For example, students can acquire resume building knowledge by attending workshops and connect with potential employers. The conference also has sessions for students who intend to go to graduate school; these sessions may cover graduate admission requirements, goal-setting as an undergrad, and more. Other sessions and workshops showcase research being conducted by psychology faculty, allowing lab managers and directors to recruit students to work in labs on campus.

Reporting Attendance

If attending online, you must log into zoom with your FIU credentials for your name to be reported to any instructor who requests an attendance list. If attending in person, please bring your FIU One-card or know your panther ID for attendance to be recorded. You must attend for at least one hour for your name to be reported to your instructor. 

The psychology conference presents a great opportunity for employers and recruiters to meet and network with psychology majors. Each year, students have been recruited and hired on the spot for internships and jobs. Students can discuss their career goals and get feedback about succeeding in their job search.

We typically host at least 15-20 representatives from agencies that are specifically interested in recruiting psychology majors.


Conference Schedule

The conference begins with welcome and opening remarks from 9:00am-9:20am, followed by a general presentation from 9:20am-10:00am. Following the general presentation are four concurrent sessions hosted in 40 minute intervals between the hours of 10:10am-1:20pm where students have three presentations to choose from. The conference day wraps up with another general presentation scheduled from 1:30-2:10pm. The evening sessions will feature research lab presentations from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Please scroll through to see conference program and be sure to check out Times and information for Tablingat the bottom of the page. 

Welcome and Opening Message | 9:00am-9:20am.

Raul Gonzalez, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychology 
Jaqueline Diaz, M.S., Director of Academic Advising, CASE

General Presentation | What Can I do with a Bachelor's In Psychology | 9:20am-10:00am. 

Adriana Medina, M.A., Career Advisor, Career and Talent Development 

 The General presentation will shed light on options for the field of psychology after students have graduated with the bachelors degree in psychology. Topics will cover career and graduate school option. 

GC Middle Ballrooms | & Streaming Online Here 

Concurrent Sessions 

Four concurrent sessions will run every 40 minutes. Students have three options to choose from for each session based on topic interests. 

Concurrent Session I | 10:10am-10:50am. 

Mind Mapping Your Career with a Psychology Degree

Andrea Cuadra, M.Ed, Ed.S, Career Advisor, Career and Talent Development 

Mind maps open your mind to new connections and possibilities. They can be a great way to brainstorm and generate new ideas. This activity will help you think through the value of your Psychology degree and what you have experienced during your time in college. Use this mind map to develop a more robust understanding and analysis of what you have been studying and how it connects to your career goals.

This workshop is based on Vanderbilt's Dr. Kate Brooks & Grace J. Foy's "Picture Your Career" guidebook 

GC Middle Ballrooms | & Streaming Online Here 
Concurrent Session II | 11:00am-11:40am. 

Job Search and Interviewing Tips Workshop 

Maria Villalobos Leal,
M.S., Career Service Coordinator, Career and Talent Development 

Do you need help figuring out how to job search and land your first job post-graduation? Well, we are here to help! Join us at this virtual event to learn more about how to create an eye-catching resume that will get you noticed by employers, how to navigate job searching sites, understand the importance of networking in order to land your dream job, and how to prepare for your upcoming interviews.

During this workshop, we will cover all you need to know about the job search process, and how you can prepare to land your dream job. There will also be a Q&A section at the end of the program where you will have a chance to ask questions and interact with our team!


GC Middle Ballrooms | & Streaming Online Here

Concurrent Session III | 11:50am-12:30pm. 

Pre-Health Professions 

Samantha Martin, MS., Academic Advisor III, Pre-Health Professions Advising

A review of course requirements, preparing for admission tests, and the application process for professional pre-health programs. Topics include Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Physican Assistant, Pre-Podiatry, Pre-Vet, and related careers. 

GC Middle Ballrooms | & Streaming Online Here

Concurrent Session IV | 12:40pm-1:20pm. 

New Program: B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience

Leila AllenPh.D., Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of Behavioral Neuroscience Undergraduate Program, Department of Psychology 

This topic will introduce students to the new BS in Behavioral Neuroscience - discussion of program requirements as well as the new courses that will be offered and the types of careers students can pursue with this degree.

GC Middle Ballrooms | & Streaming Online Here

General Presentation | Panel Discussion- Psychology Career Pathways | 1:30pm-2:10pm. 

Moderator:  Maria Villalobos Leal, M.S.,  Career Services Coordinator, Career and Talent Development 
Behavioral Family Solutions: Jennifer Martin Corbett, MS., BCBA, Clinical Manager 
Positive Behavior Support Corporation: Niady Torres, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LMHC, Regional Director Miami-Dade 
Miami Dade County Public Schools, Ana I. Flores, Executive Director of Recruitment

This General presentation will introduce students to different career paths by introducing panelists who are currently interested in recruiting psychology majors. 

GC Middle Ballrooms | & Streaming Online Here

 Evening Presentations | Education & Experience for Psychology Majors | 5:30pm-7:30pm. 

Philip Lazarus, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School Psychology Program Director |  Eds. in School Psychology 
Elisa Lage',
Graduate Assistant | MS in Rehabilitation Counseling 
Andrew Greiner
, Research Scientist, CCF |  Experience with the STP program 
Mariel Shilling, BA., Assistant Director Institutional Partnerships, Admissions, TWC | Internships with the Washington Center. 
Allen Varela
, M.S., Senior Coordinator, Academic Services, 
Isabella Herrera, M.A., NCC | How to Present Your Research at URFIU

This session will feature opportunties for psychology majors to receive experience through research labs, programs, and trainings. 

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Tabling & Talks 

You can connect with a representative from various programs or employers through tabling. Tabling will take place either at the GC Ballroom Venue and/or Table Reps will also be available online via zoom. See tabling schedule below. If tabling is available online, please click on the link to connect with a table representative at the time they are available. 

Program or EmployerTable RepLocationTimeZoom Link
Pre-Health Sciences Nerla Moise, MS.  Online Zoom 12:00PM-1:00PMSTERAMING HERE
Occupational Therapy Lynne Richard, PhD. Online Zoom 12:00PM-1:00PM STREAMING HERE 
Social Work Kelly Syndor, MSWOnline Zoom 1:00PM-3:00PMSTREAMING HERE
Behavior Analysis Inc. Jimena Mekras, Ph.D., BCBA-DOnline Zoom 9:00AM-2:00PMSTREAMING HERE
ABA SquadJanet Vasquez, MS, BCBA, RYTIn Person & Online Zoom9:00AM-2:00PM STREAMING HERE
City YearAfrika Rameses-AnnunmOnline Zoom 9:00PM-2:00PMSTREAMING HERE
Connect4Success- Transfer & Transition Brittany Boyd, MS., MS. Ed. PhD.c. Online Zoom 1:00PM-3:00PM STREAMING HERE
MS. In Higher Education Rebekah Schulze, Ed.DOnline Zoom 7:00PM-9:00PMSTREAMING HERE
MS. In Rehabilitation Counseling Sabrina Gomez Souffront, MSOnline Zoom12:30PM-1:00PMSTREAMING HERE
Positive Behavior Supports Corp.Niady Torres, PhD., BCBA-D., LMHCIn Person- GC Ballrooms9:00AM-2:00PMIn Person Only- GC Ballrooms
Behavioral Family SolutionsDiana Navarro In Person- GC Ballrooms 9:00AM-2:00PMIn Person Only- GC Ballrooms 
FIU College of LawFIU School of Law AmbassadorIn Person-GC Ballrooms9:00AM-2:00PM In Person Only-GC Ballrooms 
Miami Dade Corrections & RehabilitationJuan DiasgranadosIn Person-GC Ballrooms9:00aAM-2:00PMIn Person Only-GC Ballrooms