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The Graduate Certificate in Applied Social and Cultural Psychology gives doctoral-level Psychology students an opportunity to learn culturally-humility-based frameworks and methods for working with diverse populations. Through classes, students will explore research on urgent social issues facing the global community, such as social mobility, health inequities, gender-based violence and immigration. Students will also have opportunities to learn about how researchers build relationships with organizations; various modes for communicating research findings to stakeholders, including lawmakers, corporate boards, community leaders and activists, nonprofits and the general public; and the relevance of social justice frameworks for psychology research and practice.

  • Courses

    Students must complete any six of the following courses in any order. All coursework must be completed one semester before graduation.

    Additional courses may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

  • Portfolio Requirements

    Students must also complete specific ASCP Certificate Portfolio requirements at least one semester before graduation. This portfolio will include:

    1. Diversity statement
    2. One of the following written documents:
      • Manuscript for publication demonstrating engagement in a community-based participatory action research project
      • Reflective essay demonstrating a leadership role in a community-based participatory action research project
    3. One of the following public engagement activities:
      • Public workshop
      • White paper
      • Policy brief
      • Op-ed
      • Additional public engagement activities may be approved on a case-by-case basis
  • Admission Requirements

    Beginning in Fall 2021, students can APPLY to the certificate program if they have at least three semesters/one academic year remaining until their graduation.

    Requirements include:

    • Admission into the Department of Psychology Doctoral Program. Non-degree-seeking students, terminal master's degree students and doctoral students outside the department are not eligible.
    • Online application to the program and interview with two Core ASCP Faculty members; minimum of three semesters/one year prior to graduation