Undergraduate Certificate in Ethics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

This program offers a course of studies in the ethics of big data and artificial intelligence. The program seeks to develop a curriculum which will study these technologies and their effects from a variety of perspectives. From computer science, mathematics and statistics, and philosophy, we offer courses that give students the technical grounding they need to understand how big data and artificial intelligence work. From philosophy, we offer courses that give students the foundations they need to understand the ethical significance of these technologies. This certificate program is open to degree-seeking students only.

  • The curriculum for the Ethics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Certificate consists of six courses (18 credits). It requires a minimum of five (3-credit) courses drawn from the two lists stipulated below:
  • Descriptive Foundations Courses
    • STA 2023 Statistics for Business and Economics (a prerequisite for Computer Science and business)*
    • STA 3033 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for CS (a prerequisite for Computer Science and business)*
    • CGS 2518 Computer Data Analysis (a option for the IT degree)*
    • STA 4321 Mathematical Statistics I (prerequisite for many math degrees)*
    • PHI 4130 Symbolic Logic*
    • PHI 2100 Introduction to Logic*
    • PHI 4161 Philosophy and Probability*
    • STA 4322 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II
    • PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy
    • PHI 3300 Epistemology
    • PHI 3320 Philosophy of Mind
    • PHI 3400 Philosophy of Science
    • PHI 3500 Metaphysics
    • PHI 4230 Language and Paradox
    • PHI 4321 Topics in the Philosophy of Mind
    • PHI 4370 Topics in Epistemology
    • PHI 4371 Truth and Deception
    • PHI 5931 Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
  • Normative Foundations Courses
    • PHI 2600 Introduction to Ethics
    • PHI 3601 Ethics
    • PHI 3638 Contemporary Ethical Issues
    • PHM 3200 Social and Political Philosophy
    • PHM 3400 Philosophy of Law
    • PHI 4123 Philosophy and Feminism
    • PHM 4125 Philosophy of Gender and Race
    • PHM 4360 Topics in Political Philosophy
    • PHM 4362 Global Justice
    • PHM 4430 Topics in Philosophy of Law
    • PHM 5935 Advanced Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
    • PHM 5936 Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Law
  • At least one course from each list must be taken.
  • At least one starred* course must be taken
  • Keystone course: PHI 3681 Ethics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence in addition to the five other 3-credit courses.


Current degree-seeking students should submit the Change of Program/Plan form to add a certificate.