Urban Resilience to Extreme Events

Lecture Overview | Dr. Nancy Grimm

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges to global sustainability, with extreme events being the most immediate way that people experience this phenomenon. Urbanization is increasing and climate change is an emerging threat. These two realities of the 21st century are on a collision course. To ensure the resilience of desired attributes of cities in the face of this impending collision, a new concept of infrastructure that integrates social, ecological, and technological elements in a systems framework is required. The infrastructure of the future must leverage ecosystem services, improve social well-being, and exploit new technologies in ways that benefit all segments of urban populations and are appropriate to the particular urban contexts.

More About the Lecture 

2018 Our Common Future Art Contest

The Our Common Future Art Contest, open to all FIU undergraduate students, was launched as part of the 2018 Our Common Future Lecture. 

This art contest challenged students to create an artistic piece based on what they learned and experienced during this event about the importance of creating sustainable and resilient cities. The goal: to inspire the larger community to learn more about local environmental issues and take action toward building a resilient Miami.

Here is the artwork from the finalists and winners: