Job Board Postings

Data Science-Specific Job Boards:



- Curates data science jobs from various sources and offers career resources and advice.



- A data mining and analytics community with a job board focused on data science and related fields.



- Another major job board, with a good selection of data science and tech jobs.


The Data Science major offers numerous career opportunities, providing a variety of exciting paths based on diverse student interests. Here are specific job options and corresponding websites for each category.


Data Scientist: Analyze large datasets to extract insights, build predictive models, and solve complex problems.

Websites: Indeed, Glassdoor,24.htm, DataCamp


Machine Learning Engineer: Design, build, and deploy machine learning models to automate tasks and improve processes.

Websites: LinkedIn, Built In, Machine Learning Mastery


Business Analyst: Analyze business data to identify trends, recommend strategies, and improve operational efficiency. Websites: Monster,-NY-jobs.html?vjk=13e9932b26e022f9, Bureau of Labor Statistics


Financial Analyst: Analyze financial data, assess risks, and develop investment strategies.

Websites: Wall Street Oasis, CFA Institute, Morningstar


Medical Data Analyst: Analyze healthcare data to improve patient care, develop new treatments, and optimize healthcare systems.

Websites: American Medical Informatics Association, Healthcare IT Jobs, Healthcare Data Science Academy


Data Journalist: Combine data analysis with journalism to tell compelling stories with data.

Websites: Open Data Institute, Data Journalism Academy


General Job Boards:



- A massive job board with a wide range of data science positions, including full-time jobs, internships, and remote opportunities.



- A professional networking site with a strong focus on tech and data science jobs. Use advanced search filters to target specifically data science roles.



- Provides information on company culture, salaries, and reviews, along with job postings.


Built In:

- Focuses on tech startups and emerging companies, featuring many data science openings in fast-paced environments.