Course Catalog and Flow Chart

- Link to Undergraduate Catalog details: []

- Required Math/Stat Courses: MAS 3105 Linear Algebra I, MAS 4107 Linear Algebra II, MAS 4107L Linear Algebra II Lab, MAD 2104 Discrete Mathematics, STA 4321 Mathematical Statistics I, STA 4322 Mathematical Statistics II, STA 4234 Introduction to Regression Analysis, MAP 4202 Optimization, MAP 4202L Optimization Lab, STA 4362 Statistical Machine Learning, STA 4362L Statistical Machine Learning Lab, MAP 4950C Senior Design Project for Mathematical Data Science

- Computer Science Courses: COP 2210 Computer Programming I, CAP 2752 Fundamentals of Data Science, COP 3337 Computer Programming II, COP 3530 Data Structures, COP 4710 Database Management 

- Flow-Chart Details: [Option_A_Track.pdf]

Remark: An elective Option B of the current data science track will be upcoming soon!