You will access the MyMathLab programto complete your course assignments. Its main features are:

  • Homework
    • Provides practice problems that are algorithmic iterations of textbook exercises.
    • Each problem comes with the link to the relevant textbook section and includes the "Help Me Solve This" button that offers guided solutions to a similar problem.
    • Some exercises include a link to a short video showing how to solve a similar problem.
    • Each homework problem can be attempted an unlimited number of times.
    • Homework exercises are free response.
    • HINT: If you are solving the problems by simply trying to find a similar one and follow the steps, you may be missing out on understanding why the steps work. This will be a real problem come test time!
  • Quizzes
    • Quizzes consist of questions similar to the homework.
    • A quiz can be taken up to two times and the highest grade is recorded.
    • Quiz questions are free response.
    • Quizzes are intended to be a preparation for the tests. Try to take the quiz in a test-like environment. If you find that you cannot do this and score well on the quiz, you need to study some more and/or get help from your LAs/instructors.
    • Once you have finished a quiz, it is a good idea to ask an LA or instructor to review the questions with the you.
  • Multimedia Library
    • Electronic version of the textbook
    • Video lectures for each section
    • Animations of how problems are solved
    • Power point presentations
    • Chapter Test Prep videos
  • Personalized Study Plan
    • Is generated after a student takes a quiz or test.
    • The study plan is a diagnostic tool that lets you know which topics you need to review.
    • Use it! It is your personal guide to mastering algebra!
  • Access Codes

    A permanent access code can be obtained in a variety of ways:

    • Purchased bundled with the textbook at the on-campus bookstore
    • Purchased as a stand-alone item at the on-campus bookstore
    • Purchased online directly from Pearson while attempting to access homework/quizzes (valid credit card required)

    Purchasing the access code online via other websites is discouraged since many students accidentally purchase the incorrect items and then have difficulty obtaining a refund.

    • A temporary access code is available for the first 14 days of the course. A temporary access code can be obtained directly from the MyLabsPlus site and it allows you to get started with your assignments on the first day of classes. After the code expires (14 calendar days after the start of the semester), you will be prompted to enter the permanent code or purchase the code using a credit card. You will not be allowed to continue your course until a permanent code is entered. You cannot buy/enter a permanent code until the temporary code expires.
    • For more detailed information, consult FIU MyMathLab Plus Access.
  • Troubleshooting
    • If you are experiencing technical difficulties with MyLabsPlus, try first to reboot your computer and/or try another browser.
    • Clearing the cache may also help.
    • You can also check the Answer Wizard on the MyLabsPlus Helpdesk for similar problems. You can use the Chat feature at MyLabsPlus Helpdesk or call support at 1-888-883-1299.
    • Your instructor will most likely not be able to help you with technical problems or extend deadlines if your home computer is not working. While it may be wise to notify your instructor of a difficulty, it is your responsibility to maintain continuous access.
    • If a deadline is approaching, consider working in the lab.
  • Temporary Access

    See FIU MyMathLab Plus Access. Instructions to get access begin on page 1. To get Temporary Access, see page 3.