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The following documents outline the MS in Higher Education Administration program requirements and the procedure for completing the required practicum experience. 

This degree is geared toward those students who plan to work in an administrative capacity in a higher education institution (in student affairs, academic affairs, administrative affairs, development, etc.). It is a total of 36 graduate credit hours. 

Part of the curriculum is a practicum course/experience, which consists of a seminar plus a minimum of 120 hours (in one semester) of unpaid work in a department/division of a higher education institution in an area/department different from where the student may be working or doing a graduate assistantship. This is required of every student, even if the student works full time. There are a number of ways this requirement can be met, even for those students who already have full-time employment. 

If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, those are competitive and are managed through FIU's Division of Student Affairs. Please email Dr. Bronwen Bares Palaez for information. 

Graduate Catalog