MA in English

Our Master of Arts degree in English offers students an advanced education in the study of literature and literary criticism or writing and rhetoric. Graduate students at the MA level will become familiar with the primary literature and pertinent research in their chosen track.



This track emphasizes advanced research in literary and cultural studies. Students in the program develop their knowledge of multiple "English Literatures" (particularly North American, British, and Caribbean) across media, employing diverse theoretical and critical approaches. Graduates of the program have gone on to careers in high school and college teaching as well as other fields that draw on their well-honed research and communication skills, such as journalism, social advocacy, and government. The program also has a successful track record in placing interested students in PhD programs in English and Comparative Literature.

Writing and Rhetoric

In this track, we engage with students' diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, build on their 21st-century literacies, and support them as they learn to communicate more effectively in university, community, K-12, and professional contexts. Graduates of the Writing and Rhetoric track can work as professional writers in private industry, governmental, and nonprofit organizations, and as writing instructors at the secondary and postsecondary level. The track also provides excellent preparation for graduate study such as a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition.

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