BA in English

Our Bachelor's in English offers course specializations, such as literature, writing and rhetoric, creative writing and linguistics. Graduates of these programs may go on to pursue master's or doctoral degrees, or find careers in fields like writing, teaching and journalism.

All English majors take a common core of 12 credits and then specialize in one of four tracks. In each track, students choose upper division electives within the department and in consultation with their advisor.



Students who find reading, discussing and writing about literature to be exhilarating will enjoy the literature track. Students will study multiple time periods and genres, deeply engage with creative works and learn to think theoretically about literature, language, and society.

With an emphasis on multicultural approaches to literature, students are trained to critically function within the increasingly diverse and global world in which they exist. Students interested in English education should visit the English Education major.

Writing and Rhetoric

Students in this track acquire advanced skills in communication, argumentation and writing. Through learning outcomes and coursework drawing on research of Writing and Rhetoric Studies and the diverse resources of South Florida, students become sophisticated readers and writers who adapt to and shape the 21st century.

Our graduates are successful business professionals, scholars and teachers whose cutting-edge approaches to writing, rhetoric and communication make them attractive to employers. An Online BA in Writing and Rhetoric is also offered.

Creative Writing

Do you have that story, poem, novel burning within you? The Creative Writing track helps students learn the craft of writing imaginatively by working with some of the top creative writing faculty in the country.

Students study theory along with the best professional works in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction and develop their own voices in these genres through hands-on guidance and workshop feedback.


This track offers courses in language structure and variation, language universals, linguistic analysis and sociolinguistics. It helps prepare students for careers related to language or language teaching or for graduate work in Linguistics or a related discipline.

Combined BA/MA in Linguistics Degree Pathway is available to qualified seniors. Students choosing this fast-track option are eligible to take up to 12 graduate credits while completing undergraduate coursework, placing them within a year of obtaining their master’s degree upon graduating with their bachelor’s.

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College to Career

  • Editing and publishing
  • Public relations
  • Technical writing
  • Education administration
  • Advertising and media
  • Secondary and postsecondary teaching
  • Law/business/industry management

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