Celebrate another revolution around the sun – or any other occasion – with a STEAM-themed party! Arts and sciences combine to create immersive experiences that engage guests interactive adventures.

Parties can held at approved venues. Base costs include all materials (unless otherwise noted) as well as commemorative keepsakes for the birthday party-goers.


Science of Pizza (up to 25 participants) Starting at $400

Step into the first lab of many scientists – the kitchen! Party-goers explore the chemical connections to create the perfect pizza. From why dough rises to the acidity of sauce and how ovens produce an exothermic reaction to make it all come together.

 For your party program:

  • The hosts are given a set of required and suggested ingredients that must be purchased for the party to be hosted at an approved venue.
  • The FIU CASE Education Outreach team brings science, guidance and fun party additions like chef hats and aprons.


Rocket Racers: Water Power! (up to 25 participants) Starting at $400

Let ideas soar as party-goers create upcycled rockets from reusable materials – all powered by water! Have fun testing designs in a rousing race which is sure to make a splash. 

  • Hosts must have appropriate space for this water-based activity at an approved venue.
  • The FIU CASE Education Outreach team brings all program materials needed to build rockets that party-goers can keep–including signature scientific water goggles!


Escape Room (up to 15 participants) Starting at $400

It will take the combination of codes, cyphers, virtual reality (VR) – along with other surprises – to solve the puzzle and break free. Lab techniques plus a whole lot of fun adds to this nail-biting experience –perfect for sleuths and mystery lovers!

  • The hosts must provide one indoor room at an approved venue.
  • The FIU CASE Education Outreach team supplies all scientific instruments and materials in addition to a commemorative black light for each participant.




Reserve This Program

To book a STEAM-themed party experience, email us at CASEoutreach@fiu.edu for more info.