Celebrate another revolution around the sun – or any other occasion – with a STEAM-themed party! Arts and sciences combine to create immersive experiences that engage guests interactive adventures.

Parties can held at approved venues. Base costs include all materials (unless otherwise noted) as well as commemorative keepsakes for the birthday party-goers.

Up to 25 participants Starting at $600 for up to 2 hours*
Choose from a range of interactive programs

  • Rocket RacersEngineer air-propelled rockets using key tenets of physics such as lift, drag, thrust and gravity. 
  • Animal EncounterInteract with marine invertebrates such as sea stars, urchins, snails, crabs and more to gain a better understanding of the critical roles they play in their ecosystems. 
  • DNA Detectives - Many mysteries can be solved through the power of genetics. Explore different methods to extract and analyze DNA.

 * Prices and duration are dependent on the selected program/venue. Reach out to discuss your needs.




Reserve This Program

To book a STEAM-themed party experience, email us at CASEoutreach@fiu.edu for more info.