Looking for new ways to inspire your team? Dive in with VIP corporate team building and social responsibility programs designed to excite participants through hands-on activities that bridge communication, leadership and teamwork while showcasing FIU research on critical issues.

Big change requires diverse stakeholders working together. Through these experiences understand how the value of each individual is magnified and enhanced through collaboration – both in your organization and in the many ways FIU is addressing real problems around the world.

Themed Module Options Include:
  • Biscayne Bay

    From ocean to office – very link in a chain is incredibly important.

    • Orientation (45 minutes) – Tour of marine science building, icebreaker and activity introduction.
    • Option 1: Biodiversity Survey (1 hour) – Head (waist deep) into the water to be part of species surveys critical to conservation. Work together to use a 50-foot seine net to capture (and release) both native and exotic marine wildlife, then log them into iNaturalist as part of a global database.
    • Option 2:Shoreline Clean-Up (1 hour) – Get hands-on with sustainability and green initiatives along the shoreline that impact critical mangrove ecosystems. Along the way, learn how to organize similar projects to share with your community.
    • Closing (45 minutes) – Dry-off with a light post debrief learning how your team can work together like our scientists and community stakeholders to affect change through your business.


    (2.5 hours) Up to 25 adults – Starting at $850)

  • Escape Room

    Different skillsets are required to unlock big picture successes in your team.

    • Orientation (45 minutes) – Tour a forensics lab and get introduced to the scientific instruments, ciphers and tools needed to navigate your Escape Room experience—including VR helmets!
    • Escape Room (1 Hour) – Work as a team to unlock the clues you need to solve the puzzle. Each member holds valuable information and skills that must work together for the team to break free.
    • Closing (45 minutes) – Debrief the needs of having a team with dynamic skillsets and the ability to navigate each other using research based techniques.


    (2.5 hours) Up to 10 adults – Starting at $850

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