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Our Undergraduate Certificate in Biodiversity Conservation and Management draws on areas of strength within the Department of Earth and Environment and the Department of Biological Sciences to provide students with specialized knowledge about managing and conserving the earth's biological resources. It is designed for students who seek careers in agencies that manage and conserve biological resources; for people in the private sector who seek specialized knowledge in this area; for educators seeking advanced training; or for others interested in the topic.

The certificate is managed by the Department of Earth and Environment and the Biodiversity and Conservation Certificate Committee.

This certificate program is open to degree-seeking students only.

  • Courses

    This certificate requires 18 credits, including:

    • EVR 4401 Conservation Biology (3)

    Biological Conservation Sciences (9 credits required):

    • BOT 4401 Plant Conservation Biology (3)
    • EVR 4323 Restoration Ecology (3)
    • EVR 4272 Agroecology (3)
    • OCB 4070 Coastal Marine Conservation (3)
    • EVR 4374 Ecology and Management of Invasive Species (3)
    • EVR 4592 Soils and Ecosystems (3)
    • PCB 4452 Introducation to Wetland Ecology and Management (3)
    • Additional upper-division organismal biology courses from the Department of Biological Sciences may be considered.

    Integrated Biological Resources Management (6 credits required):

    • EVR 4274 Sustainable Agriculture (3)
    • EVR 4026 Ecology of Biotic Resources (3)
    • EVR 4411 Human Organizations and Ecosystem Management (3)
    • PCB 4467C Marine Protected Areas (4)
    • BOT 3810 Economic Botany (3)

    For more information, consult the Undergraduate Certificates Catalog.

  • Application

    Current degree-seeking students should submit the Change of Program/Plan form to add a certificate.

    Change of Program/Plan

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