All application materials should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions via the online Graduate Application. Use the graduate admission checklist to get started.

  • Deadlines
    • Fall: Apply by February 1, 5 p.m. EST
    • Spring: Apply by August 1, 5 p.m. EST
  • Requirements
    • GPA: 3.0 in last two years of undergraduate study or in master's program
    • GRE: 1120 minimum. New scores will be converted to old scores for admission purposes
    • Applicant Statement/Letter of Intent: Required 
    • Letters of Recommendation: Required, 3 letters
    • Additional Requirements: 
      • Resume
      • Faculty sponsor with graduate faculty status
      • For international applicants whose native language is not English: English
        proficiency exam scores; see Graduate Catalog for details

    For additional requirements, consult the Graduate Catalog.

  • Funding

    Most full-time students in this PhD program are supported with teaching assistantships or research assistantships. These assistantships provide a stipend and teaching waiver, and are awarded to new students beginning in the fall semester on a competitive basis. Assistantships require up to 20 hours per week in laboratory instruction, research assistance or equivalent responsibilities.

    Applicants seeking assistantships should indicate this in their application cover letter. In general, assistantships are only offered to applicants if a faculty member in the department agrees to sponsor them. We therefore request that each applicant seeking an assistantship contact a faculty member in their area of research who will agree to sponsor the application and (if admitted) to serve as the major professor.