Minor in Meteorology

Our 16-credit Minor in Meteorology is intended for STEM majors who wish to develop an understanding of meteorology. Students from other majors who have math/science background and literacy may also take this minor.

  • Courses

    Required courses:

    • MET 3003 General Meteorology
    • MET 4420 Physical Meteorology OR MET 3102 Physical Climatology
    • MET 3502 Synoptic Meteorology and MET 3502L Synoptic Meteorology Lab

     Electives (pick two): 

    • MET 4300 Severe Weather
    • MET 4532 Hurricanes
    • OCE 3014 Oceanography and OCE 3014L Oceanography Lab
    • MET 4400 Meteorological Instrumentation and Observations
    • MET 4301 Dynamic Meteorology I
    • MET 4302 Dynamic Meteorology II

    For more information, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Application

    Physics I as well as Calculus I or Business Calculus are pre- or co-requisites for General Meteorology.

    Current degree-seeking students should submit the Change of Program/Plan form to add a minor. Approved minor applications will be forwarded to the Registrar for processing.

    Change of Program/Plan

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