The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant negative impact on many local farming operations in South Florida. Consumers and producers are welcome to join our Facebook group FIU COVID-19 Local Food System Response for updates on local farms, available produce, contact information, relief programs, online resources and other forms of support.

The Agroecology Program integrates science-based education, research and outreach focusing on the interface of agriculture, natural ecosystems and urban development. It features specialized undergraduate agroecology courses, field trips, summer internships, graduate fellowships, and training workshops for university students and high school teachers.

Our innovative, science-based curricular program lets students focus on issues in agriculture at the farm, community and regional landscape level. Students and participants are exposed to an intellectual learning environment and to agricultural agencies and research institutions such as the USDA's Agricultural Research Service, along with other research and educational organizations.

Students explore broad spatial agricultural issues including regional water allocation conflicts, urban-rural conflicts, community foodsheds, and geospatial analysis of agricultural resources and system impacts.

Agriculture-Natural Ecosystems-Urban Area interface diagram. Natural-Agriculture interface: water, land, soil, biodiversity; land conversion, pollution. Agriculture-Urban interface: food, jobs, aesthetics; urban sprawl. Urban-Natural interface: ecological services; urban sprawl, pollution.

Supply Chains Study

Researchers in FIU's College of Arts, Sciences & Education and the College of Business are conducting a thorough assessment of Florida's tomato and strawberry production systems.


2023 Agroecology Symposium:
Agro-Informatics for Sustainable Agriculture
and Resource Management" which will be held March 16th at 8:45 am-4:30 pm.


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