Program Outcomes

The Master of Science in Counselor Education: Rehabilitation Major at Florida International University is nationally accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE). The Rehabilitation Counseling Program prepares professionals who can effectively deliver rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities. The program requires 60 credits the focuses on counseling, measurement & research, specialization areas, and clinical studies. Upon graduation, the student will be eligible to be nationally certified rehabilitation counselors, nationally certified counselors and sit for the State of Florida licensure exam. The program sets no maximum on the number of students accepted each year, but has strict criteria including a personal interview with each qualified applicant. The program admits full-time students and a few courses are offered online. The admission process occurs in both the fall, spring and summer semesters. Student outcomes are evaluated yearly as part of an overall program evaluation. The Program is situated in the Counselor Education Program within the Department of Counseling, Recreation and School Psychology within the School of Education and Human Development. The Counselor Education program also has graduate programs in both School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Recruitment activities

A variety of recruitment activities were done throughout the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. Brochures went passed out during recruitment activities, such as tabling at the Psychology undergraduate conferences and the Miami Disability Awareness event. Also, an information session was held at FIU and attended by close to 30 people. Our efforts translated into 11 applicants to the program for Fall 2020.

Total number of Rehabilitation Counseling students enrolled

Academic YearStudents Enrolled
2013 - 20143
2014 - 20159
2015 - 201611
2016 - 201714
2017 - 201817
2018 - 201918
2019 - 202014
2020 - 202115

Average time to complete the program

The majority of students may complete the program in 2.5 years. The Graduate School policy allows students up to six years to complete their graduate studies.

Total number of Rehabilitation Counseling student graduates

Academic YearGraduates
2013 - 20141
2014 - 20150
2015 - 20161
2016 - 20173
2017 - 20183
2018 - 20194
2019 - 20205
2020 - 20213

Career placement rates and settings within the first 6 months following graduation

Of the five (5) Rehabilitation Counseling graduates from 2013-2017, two (2) are employed in a state-federal vocational rehabilitation program, one (1) at the Fellowship house, one (1) at FACT and one (1) in Forensic Rehabilitation. Of the ten (10) Rehabilitation Counseling graduates from 2016-2019, two (2) obtained employment at Service Source, one (1) at Best Buddies, and six (6) in a state-federal vocational rehabilitation program or vendors.

Program attrition/retention rates

The retention rate for the period of 2014-2016 was 100%. The retention rate for the period of 2016-2019 was 85.2%.

Course evaluations

Course evaluations completed by students on faculty teaching are posted on the FIU Office of Institutional Research website, where students and faculty can search by instructor name, course number and semester taught to obtain the results of these assessments. The aggregated results for the past two years of the student course evaluations can be seen below.

Average RatingSpring 2018Summer 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019Summer 2019Fall 2019Average
Very Good13.17%16.84%20.02%14.94%16.84%24.25%17.68%

Field experience evaluations

In a continuing effort to improve the program, surveys are sent to students, interns and employers by the time of their graduation. The alumni exit survey asks how the students felt that the FIU program prepared them for the workforce. All responses received a rating of Excellent, Good, or Average.

Respond regarding your experience with your field experience. Did your placement setting:

#QuestionExcellentGoodAverageNeeds WorkUnsatisfactoryTotal
1Provide adequate physical facilities conducive to learning2 (40%)3 (60%)0005
2Provide the opportunity to participate in a variety of learning experiences2 (40%)3 (60%)0005
3Accept you in the role of student counselor3 (60%)1 (20%)1 (20%)005
4Offer you the opportunity to meet and interact with other professionals4 (80%)01 (20%)005
5Provide opportunities to be creative and innovative2 (40%)2 (40%)1 (20%)005

Respond regarding your field experience supervision. Did your supervisor:

#QuestionExcellentGoodAverageNeeds WorkUnsatisfactoryTotal
1Provide ongoing feedback3 (60%)2 (40%)0005
2Make expectations known2 (40%)2 (40%)1 (20%)005
3Recognize and address concerns in a timely manner2 (40%)2 (40%)1 (20%)005
4Provide direction of work2 (40%)2 (40%)1 (20%)005

Financial considerations

The 2016-2017 AY tuition rate is $455.66 per credit. The 60-credit degree is estimated at $27,340. There is one (1) graduate assistantships that students can apply for. RC students are eligible to apply to a Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) grant funded by the department of education which provides full tuition funding and a stipend to students. 

The 2018-2019 AY tuition rate is $455.66 per credit. The 60-credit degree is estimated at $27,340. There is one (1) graduate assistantship that students can apply for. RC students are eligible to apply to a Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) grant funded by the department of education which provides full tuition funding and a stipend to students.

National Certification eligibility for program graduates and passing rates for CRC exam

Clinical rehabilitation counselors become eligible to apply for national credentials as a result of successful completion of the FIU Rehabilitation Counseling program. Graduates are eligible for national certification as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). In addition, graduates will also be eligible to become a Professional Vocational Evaluator (PVE), and to take the exam and become a National Certified Counselor (NCC).
Students take the CRC Exam as the comprehensive examination for our program and graduate as Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, 100% of our students who have taken the CRC Exam have have passed it.