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Field experiences are a part of all majors in the Counselor Education program. All students must complete 600 hours of internship, as well as practicum requirements that vary by major. These experiences are designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply and practice the competencies they acquire throughout their training program.

In many instances, the field experiences serve as a steppingstone to future student employment. The field experiences also provide a link between the schools, community, the University and the department counseling unit.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The clinical field experience consists of a full-time practicum consisting of 400 hours (MHS 6800) and a full-time internship consisting of 600 hours (MHS 6820). It is completed over two consecutive semesters.

These field experiences are intended to be conducted in a mental health counseling setting. The nature of this experience should be similar to that of a regular counseling position, but with closer supervision. The field experiences will occur at the end of the training program, and the intern is expected to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in the program.

A major criterion for placement is the credentials of the agency’s on-site supervisor, namely possession of at least a master’s degree in counseling, psychology, or clinical social work as well as licensure in such discipline. Students must have completed all course work prior to enrolling in MHS 6820 - the internship. All students must have the approval of their advisor to enroll in the field experiences.

  • Application

    The student must consult with their faculty advisor about their placements prior to the expected time of placement. At this time, matters related to placement will be discussed and the necessary paperwork initiated.

    Students must apply to both practicum and internship by submitting a completed application package. They should submit the original and two copies to the Clinical Coordinator of Field Experiences, Dr. Valerie Russell, in room ZEB 238B, and keep one copy. Submit the packet before the deadline below.

    The completed packet includes:

    Placement Deadlines:

    • Fall Placement: June 30
    • Spring Placement: October 1
    • Summer Placement: March 1
  • Site Placements

    Students who are considering practicum and internship sites should contact Clinical Coordinator Dr. Valerie Russell at for the list of approved sites.

    The Practicum Internship Site Checklist (Mental Health) can assist you when considering an existing or new site. These questions can help guide your interview at the site to ensure that you have a successful clinical experience. Student evaluations of each site are also available for review; contact Dr. Russell for information.

    All students must have their site confirmed prior to the semester they are to begin their field experience. Sites must be approved by the clinical director by the end of the previous term. (E.g., if you apply for the Spring, you must have your site approved before the end of the Fall semester.) It is the student's responsibility to secure a site and inform the clinical director of the site.

  • Handbook

    The Field Experience Handbook contains the log sheets, weekly summary forms and evaluation forms to be completed by your site supervisor.

  • Graduate Packet MHC Applicants

    Here you can find a Graduate Packet for students who plan to apply for licensure as Mental Health Counselors in Florida.

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