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Our Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology gives students a strong foundation in structural and evolutionary developmental biology, physiology, organismal diversity, physical oceanography and ecology. 

Students can take advantage of the diverse marine life of Florida and the Caribbean to get involved in research in the lab and in the field.

Marine Biology/Biology Cohort

New students seeking a career in biology or marine biology are invited to apply to this cohort program, based at the Biscayne Bay Campus and offering an accelerated completion timeline, academic and research opportunities, and more.

Need an Advisor?

Advisors will support you on your academic journey, helping you enroll in courses, meet your graduation requirements and prepare for your career.

Connect with an Advisor 

College to Career

  • Research scientist
  • Marine environmental technician
  • Educator/communicator
  • Aquarium/zoo employee
  • Nature photographer/illustrator
  • Environmental consultant
  • Marine engineer
  • Marine policy expert/lobbyist
  • Marine veterinarian