BA in Biological Sciences

Our Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences provides a biology background and tools for success in a variety of fields.

Faculty and students work with a diverse array of plant, animal, and microbial organisms and in a wide range of terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats. FIU is ideally situated for the study of tropical biology and many of our laboratories specialize in tropical systems. This field of study will prepare students for further graduate and professional studies, as well as for employment in areas that require university-level training in the life sciences. 


Allied Health Profession

With course offerings in human physiology, nutrition, medical terminology, psychology and U.S. health policy, this track is for students interested in a career in the allied health professions. This field includes the technicians, assistants and therapists who work alongside physicians, dentists and other medical professionals.

Health Policy, Environmental Policy and Pre-Law

This track provides knowledge in topics such as economics, the justice system, politics and policy, as well as training in research, writing and rhetoric for students who wish to play a role in law around biology and the environment.

Science Communication

For students interested in publicizing issues and achievements in biology, this track offers studies in communication and journalism topics to hone research and writing skills.


This track supports students looking to innovate in biology-related fields, addressing aspects of business management including accounting, investment, finance and marketing.

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College to Career

  • Dietitian
  • Paramedic
  • Physician assistant
  • Lawyer
  • Communications professional
  • Journalist
  • Entrepreneur