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The Florida Teacher Certification Exams are state exams, and they are administered by Pearson Evaluation Systems. Students must take and pass three exams prior to graduation from an initial teacher certification program: General Knowledge Exam, Professional Education Exam, and the specific Subject Area Examination that corresponds to their program.

  • General Knowledge Exam consists of four subtests which must be passed by applicants in order to be admitted into an initial teacher preparation program: General Knowledge Essay, General Knowledge English Language Skills, General Knowledge Reading, and General Knowledge Math. Students must pass all four subtest to be fully admitted into a teacher preparation program. Since these exams must be passed prior to admission into a collegiate degree program, the College obviously does not teach to these exams. These exams should be taken at the end of an applicant's sophomore or the beginning of the applicant's junior year.
  • Candidates must pass the Professional Education exam before they are allowed to student teach and to graduate. The Professional Education exam covers concepts such as instructional design and planning, instructional delivery, and continuous professional improvement.
  • The Subject Area Examinations assess discipline-specific competencies and skills. Candidates must pass these exams before they are allowed to student teach and to graduate.
  • Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) Candidates in the M.S. in Educational Leadership program take the FELE which consists of three subtests that cover the following areas: Subtest 1: Leadership for Student Learning; Subtest 2: Organizational Development; and Subtest 3: Systems Leadership.


Florida International University uses two types of data in regards to the Florida Teacher Examinations: first time pass rates and average scores on specific competencies and skills for each exam.

FTCE First Time Pass Rates

Florida International University compares its own first-time pass rates with the statewide pass rates. The College compares its institutional scores with the statewide scores, and the results are analyzed by the Continuous Improvement Committee and with the program leaders who then use the data to make changes in teaching practices and/or curricula as needed.

FTCE Competency Scores

Florida International University examines the scores across competencies and discusses the findings with the Continuous Improvement Committee and with the program leaders so that teaching practices and/or curricula can be revised to address any weaknesses.

Note: Exams are excluded from the list when there are no examinees in a given academic year.