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Keqi Zhang


Earth and Environment; International Hurricane Center; Division of Research

Office: AHC5 245

Phone: (305) 348-1607


Specialty: Sea Level Rise, Airborne Mapping

Research Areas

Over the last four years, IHC researchers have acquired a large amount of LIDAR data along the Florida Atlantic, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New York coasts. Dr. Zhang has been involved with airborne LIDAR mapping since 1999. Specific research includes:

  • Development of algorithms to automatically identify ground and non-ground points and to extract three-dimensional shapes of buildings and trees from airborne LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) measurements
  • Development of high resolution storm surge model
  • Development of georeferenced, three-dimensional, visualization and animation platforms for hurricane-induced flooding and wind damage
  • Analysis of long-term and storm-induced beach erosion using shoreline position data from LIDAR measurements, field GPS surveys, aerial photographs, and historical maps
  • Examination of long-term trend and interdecadal variations in the number and severity of coastal storms using hourly water level records from tide gauges.


PhD University of Maryland, 1998