Stephen Winkle

Associate Professor

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: CP 309

Phone: 305-348-2855


Research Areas

Research in the Winkle lab focuses on the interactions of small molecules such as antiparasitic agents, carcinogens and anticancer drugs, with DNA and on the interactions of proteins with DNA. We are interested in how these species alter the structure and functioning of DNA and in how altering the structure of the bound molecule affects such alterations. All research in the lab involves undergraduates.

  • Biochemistry
  • Nucleic acid structures
  • Protein-DNA
  • Antitumor drug-DNA
  • Carcinogen-DNA interactions

Recent publications/abstracts with undergraduate coauthors (*)

  • S.A. Winkle, E. Duran*, J. Pulido*, G. Santil*, M. Talavera*, C. Winkle*, R. D. Sheardy, V. Ramsauer, "Examining Flanking Sequence Specificity and Topological Specificity in the Binding of Various Molecular Types to DNAs Using Restriction Endonuclease Activity Assays, in Frontiers in Nucleic Acids, [R.D. Sheardy and S.A. Winkle, eds.] ACS Symposium Series 1082, pp167-180 [2011].
  • E. Duran*, V. P. Ramsauer, Maria Ballester, R. D. Torrenegra, O.E. Rodriguez, S.A. Winkle, "Qualitative Analysis of Sequence Specific Binding of Flavones to DNA Using Restriction Endonuclease Activity Assays, Biopolymers, 99, pp 530-537, [2013]
  • S.A. Winkle, J. Baretta*, D. Edgar*, R. Castillo*, O. Roman*, R. Roque*, J. Millar*, M. Ballester, "Probing Sequence and Topological Specificity in the Binding of Tetra{Methylpyridyl}Porphines to DNAs, Biophysical Journal, Abstracts Issue, 275a, 2014
  • S.A. Winkle, A. Hassan*, D. Rodriguez*, C. Vega*, C. Winkle*, "Selectivity, cooperativity and competition in the binding of heterocyclic diamidines to DNA" 249th Natl ACS Meeting, March 22-26, 2015, Denver CO


  • BS, University of Kentucky
  • MS, University of Kentucky
  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • NIH Fellowship, 1981, University of Rochester
  • Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Fellowship, University of Rochester