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Maria Tsalikis

Senior Instructor

Teaching and Learning

Office: ZEB 344B

Phone: 305-348-2778


Specialty: Literacy Education

Dr. Maria Alvarez Tsalikis has been serving schools, children, adults, and the community for twenty-five years. She was a teacher with Miami Dade County Public Schools for ten years before becoming a university instructor. During that time, Dr. Tsalikis taught a variety of grade levels and student populations with children ranging from Kindergarten to sixth grade including children with special needs in an urban setting; she served as grade level chair and committee leader for curriculum development and budgeting. Dr. Tsalikis has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses at the university level for fifteen years and serves as the Elementary Education Program Director and the FIU-Ronald Reagan Doral/Andrea Castillo Teaching Academy Director. Her background and areas of expertise and interests include literacy education, special education and community engagement with projects at local public schools for teacher professional development.