Rhona Trauvitch

Associate Teaching Professor


Office: DM 458B

Phone: 305-348-3945

Email: rhona.trauvitch@fiu.edu

Dr. Rhona Trauvitch specializes in science fiction, narrative theory, and Judaic mythology, and sails the fiction-science sea in quest of analogous patterns. She directs FIU’s Science & Fiction Laban initiative to innovate a Literary STEM curriculum. Her monograph-in-progress examines the role of fictionality in our conceptualizations of science. Visit Dr. Trauvitch’s website to learn more about her teaching and research.


  • Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • M.Sc. Social and Public Communication, The London School of Economics and Political Science
  • B.A. Government, Smith College

New and Regular Courses

  • ENG 3072 Literary Theory in Multimedial Popular Culture
  • IDH 3034 Quantum Narratology and Other Curiosities: Intersections of Science and Storytelling
  • LIT 1000 Introduction to Literature
  • LIT 3023 Around the World in Short Stories
  • LIT 3313 Science Fiction
  • LIT 3325 Literary Archetypes in Moving Images
  • LIT 3343 Short Stories of Horror and the Weird
  • LIT 3703 Studies in Metaphor
  • LIT 3930 Special Topics: Latinx Speculative Fiction
  • LIT 3930 Special Topics: The Library of Borges
  • LIT 5934 Special Topics: Water and Memory