Neptune Srimal

Teaching Professor

Earth and Environment

Office: AC1 380A

Phone: 305-919-5969


Specialty: Himalayan Geology

Curriculum Vitae

Research Areas

Himalayan Geology, Orogenesis Tectonics

He is chiefly interested in the evolution of Mountain Belts. Most of his research is centered around the Himalayas and integrate extensive fieldwork with structural, petrological and isotopic studies to unravel problems related to correlation, rifting, collision, deformation and metamorphism within the mountain belts. He is currently working on the two extremities of Himalaya: in Ladakh-Karakoram region of NW Himalaya and in the eastern Himalayan syntaxis in NE Himalaya.

Regional Tectonics and Rodinia Assembly in the eastern Gondwanaland

He is also interested in correlating the Rodinian Assembly events in eastern Gondwanaland, encompassing India, Australia and Antarctica. He is carrying out field and isotopic study in Central and Western India to correlate the major tectonic belts of Central and Western India and to document a Grenvillian collisional event between the Dharwar and the Bundelkhand cratons during the Rodinian Assembly.


  • PhD University of Rochester, 1986
  • MSc University of Calcutta, 1971
  • BSc (Hons), Presidency College, University of Calcutta, 1969