Jessica Siltberg-Liberles

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences; Biomolecular Sciences Institute

Office: AHC4 311

Phone: 305-348-7508



Research Areas

  • Evolutionary dynamics of protein structure and function
  • Using computational biology to perform a combination of large scale and applied studies aimed at elucidating how conformational flexibility, post-translational regulation, protein-protein interactions, and signal transduction evolve and its implications in for e.g. virulence and neurodegenerative disease

Using structural and evolutionary bioinformatics, we study essential mechanisms of biological divergence; how genomes and proteomes adapt to slow or immediate environmental changes. On time-scales ranging from nanoseconds to millions of years back in time, we elucidate structural and functional protein operations to further understand Metazoan evolution in a pathway context. We apply our knowledge in forward-looking models, to improve our tactics in the impending battles against cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and emerging viruses.