Brian A. Raue

Professor; Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Physics; Office of the Dean

Office: CASE 476

Phone: 305-348-3958


Specialty: Experimental Nuclear Physics


Research Areas

My current research interest is focused on the study of strange-particle electroproduction. I am a co-spokesman on Jefferson Lab experiment E99-006 "Polarization observables in the 1H(e,e'K+)Lambda0 areaction". I am also a co-spokesman on another proposal being developed which will extend the current Hall B kaon- electroproduction program to 6 GeV. These experiments use the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS). The measurements will place constraints on the kaon and lambda magnetic form factors and will test models for the electromagnetic production of kaons. The experiments fill a gaping hole in the data base for such reactions.