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Paulo Olivas

Research Associate

Sea Level Solutions Center; Southeast Environmental Research Center

Office: GL 275

Phone: 305-348-6443


Paulo is a research associate at the Geographic Information Systems Center. He received his PhD in Biology at Florida International University, and has a strong background in ecosystem ecology. His early work included demographic studies of endangered plant species and the distribution of ferns in the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica, as well as assessment of tropical forest structure and plant physiology gradients along forest vertical profiles using mobile canopy towers. For his graduate research, Paulo moved from the tropics to the Arctic, where he worked on determining the effects of changes in water availability and temperature on the CO2 gas exchange in northern Alaska. More recently, Paulo's research has examined effects of water management on ecosystem productivity in Everglades National Park, and effects of changes in temperature and water regimes on high Andean Puna ecosystems. At the GIS and Remote Sensing Center, Paulo's contributions will focus on increasing our understanding of ecosystem processes at multiple temporal and spatial scales.