Christine Martorana

Assistant Teaching Professor


Office: GL 471

Phone: 305-348-2874


Dr. Martorana earned her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from Florida State University. Her areas of specialization include rhetoric and composition and feminist agency. She currently teaches ENC 1101 Writing and Rhetoric I; ENC 1102 Writing and Rhetoric II; ENC 3371 Rhetorical Theory and Practice; and ENC 3334 Introduction to Writing Studies.

Teaching Philosophy

When I teach writing, I aim to help students see writing as an inherently social and context-specific activity. It is an avenue through which we construct and maintain relationships with the people and worlds around us, especially as we use writing to act in the world. To promote this view of writing in the classroom, I adopt a feminist and participatory perspective that leads me to privilege a multimodal and collaborative pedagogy.