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Amir Khoddamzadeh


Earth and Environment

Office: AHC5 391

Phone: 305-348-3083


Specialty: Sustainable Horticulture/Cryobiology

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Amir Ali Khoddamzadeh is a sustainable and conservation horticulturalist working at the Department of Earth and Environment. Dr. Khoddamzadeh is also affiliated in the Agroecology Program and International Centre for Tropical Botany at the Kampong Botanic Garden. He served as the chair of Seed and Stand Establishment and Ornamental Plant Breeding and currently serves as the chair of Outstanding International Horticulturist Award Committee and chair of Graduate Student Activities Committee in American Society for Horticultural Science.

Research Areas

Dr. Khoddamzadeh's current research focuses are on: In-vitro propagation (tissue culture) and gene-banking (cryopreservation) of the endangered plants (mostly orchids), sustainable fertilizer and water management using optical sensor technology and seed technology and biotechnology assessments.

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  • Ph. D. University Putra Malaysia, 2011