Jin He

Associate Professor

Physics; Biomolecular Sciences Institute

Office: CP 227

Phone: 305-348-4376

Email: jinhe@fiu.edu

Specialty: Nanobiotechnology, single cell techniques, biosensing, bioimaging

Curriculum Vitae


Research Areas

Dr. He studies nanoscale materials and systems, ranging from nanostructured materials to small organic molecule, biomolecules and polymers, individually or at small quantity. He’s group also probes or applies these nanoscale materials in controlled and confined nanoscale environments and/or in complex cellular and tissue environments. One goal of the research is to discover and understand new physics, chemistry or biology phenomena, and properties and functions at nanoscale. The other goal is to transfer the research discoveries into practical devices and tools, and to new applications that are relevant to promoting health and combating disease. To achieve the goal, his group builds and develops sophisticated instruments to integrate electrical, electrochemical and optical techniques. They also utilize various top-down and bottom-up micro/nano fabrication techniques to fabricate novel devices.


  • BS in Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
  • PhD in Biophysics, Arizona State University