Brandon Guell

Postdoctoral Associate

Institute of Environment

Office: MSB 250F


Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Brandon A. Güell is a first-generation Costa Rican-American wildlife ecologist and photographer with a profound interest in natural history, ecology, and animal behavior. He believes integrative field biology and natural history observations are critical in developing hypothesis-driven research that expands our understanding of the biodiversity in our natural world, and that photography plays a key role in science and conservation communication. His Ph.D. dissertation research at Boston University—funded by an NSF Pre-doctoral Research Fellowship—focused on assessing the reproductive and behavioral ecology of the gliding treefrog (Agalychnis spurrelli). This research specifically examined explosive breeding and its consequences for critical adult and embryo behaviors in gliding treefrogs on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Other research interests include behavioral ecology, natural history, phenotypic plasticity, cue use, predator-prey interactions, ecology and evolution, sensory biology, and conservation biology.

Currently his postdoctoral research aims to better understand predator-prey interactions and small animal population dynamics in South Florida’s Everglades. More specifically, his work includes behavioral and field experiments that test potential underlying mechanisms for the severe collapse of important prey species following the invasion of Asian swamp eels in the Everglades.