Jacqueline R. Evans

Associate Professor


Office: DM 367C

Phone: 305 348 6563

Email: jacevans@fiu.edu


Research Areas

Dr. Evans is the Program Director for FIU's Legal Psychology Ph.D. program. Dr. Evans conducts research on investigative interviewing in its many forms, to include interviewing cooperative witnesses, interrogating uncooperative suspects, and gathering intelligence from sources. In addition, her research addresses the ability (or lack thereof) to detect deception in a variety of contexts. Some of the variables/constructs Dr. Evans is currently interested in include: language proficiency, presence of a translator, self-led interviews, and interviewee intoxication. Dr. Evans collaborates on these projects with other faculty members, students, and with partners at FIU's Global Forensic and Justice Center (GFJC), with which she is affiliated. She hopes that findings coming from the lab will help to inform professionals in various legal and national security contexts regarding the most effective methods to use when engaging in an investigative interview and assessing interviewee credibility.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications