Lauryn DeGreeff-Silk

Associate Professor

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: AHC1 249

Phone: 305-348-4047


Curriculum Vitae


Dr. DeGreeff carries out research in the area of volatiles sampling and analysis as it relates to vapor detection by canine and instruments. She takes a chemistry-based approach to studying olfaction for the purpose of informing field vapor sampling practices. Her research focuses on trace vapor sampling, characterization, and generation.

Research Areas

  • Vapor transport of volatile compounds from buried Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs)
  • Quantitative estimation of the canine olfactory limit of detection using a trace vapor generator
  • Characterization of the vapor profile of fentanyl for the purpose of the development of field detection methods
  • Estimation of storage and usage-life times of canine training aids for explosives and other substances
  • Headspace analysis of fresh and weathered crude oils and determination of the active odorants for canine detection of crude oil
  • Development of a cross-contamination indicator for co-housed or improperly stored canine training materials


  • PhD, Florida International University, Forensic Chemistry
  • BS, Chapman University, Chemistry
  • BA, New York University, Anthropology