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Debra Dean

Associate Professor


Office: AC1 335

Phone: 305-919-5857


Professor Dean earned her MFA from the University of Oregon and specializes in fiction. She regularly teaches Narrative Techniques, Writing Fiction, Advanced Fiction Workshop, Form & Theory: Point of View, Form & Theory: Historical Fiction and Form & Theory: Developing Character

Teaching Philosophy

"Writing fiction is like most other skills, whether it's shooting hoops or playing an instrument: you get better at it by doing it, again and again. The reward for continuing to show up is that each time is different. It never gets old."

Research Areas

Professor Dean currently serves on the CASE Dean's Policy Advisory Committee, the English Dept. Personnel Committee (Chair), and the Creative Writing Program Committee. Her next book, HIDDEN TAPESTRY: Jan Yoors, His Two Wives, and the War That Made Them One, will come out from Northwestern University Press, April 2018.