Jose Almirall

Distinguished University Professor

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: AHC4 361

Phone: 305-348-3917


Specialty: Director, Trace Evidence Analysis Facility

Research Areas

  • Development and application of analytical chemistry tools to enhance the value of scientific evidence.
  • Detection and identification of organic compounds of forensic interest such as controlled substances and explosives in the field or through use of field-portable detectors such as Ion Mobility Spectrometers. Coupling of SPME to IMS for detection of odor compounds of drugs and explosives.
  • Development of methodology for the characterization of materials using elemental analysis, specifically the determination of ultra-trace quantities of metals in glass and other matrices using LA-ICP-MS, u-XRF and LIBS. Fundamental improvement in LIBS analysis of materials including the use of double-pulsed and microwave-assisted experiments.


  • BS, Florida International University
  • MS, University of Miami
  • PhD, University of Strathclyde