Melanie Rengel

(She, her, hers)

Graduate Student


Mentor: Dr. Gregory Fabiano

Keywords: ADHD, ADHD Treatment, School-Based Interventions, Socio-Emotional Challenges, Learning Challenges.

Research Areas

My research interests center around the increase in quality and span of evidence-based interventions for children with externalizing and internalizing problems. I am interested in the development, evaluation, and dissemination of early interventions across multiple domains to promote school readiness and socio-emotional functioning. I aspire to develop and deliver evidence-based treatments to improve parent and child behaviors and understand the mental health problems affecting children by learning effective implementations of school-based interventions to improve daily life functioning. More specifically, my focus includes investigating the practice of tailored interventions to increase the effectiveness and efficacy of treatments in children experiencing externalizing and internalizing challenges.


Master's in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor's in Psychology at FIU