Anastassia Cafatti Mac-Niven

(She, her, hers)

Graduate Student


Program: Clinical Science

Mentor: Daniel Bagner

Keywords: parent-child relationships, child development, socio-emotional outcomes, early childhood behavior problems, emotion regulation, evidence based treatments, culturally sensitive interventions

Research Areas

Anastassia's research interests broadly include utilizing early intervention to promote positive parent-child relationships to strengthen child development and outcomes. Specifically, she is interested in 1) Exploring the role of infant attachment in future childhood behavior problems and emotional regulation, 2) Differences in family dynamics across cultures, and 3) Increasing access, dissemination, and implementation of culturally sensitive evidence-based treatment and assessment tools for families and children from at risk and underserved populations.


  • FIU Clinical Science PhD Program
  • BS, Psychology & Human and Social Development, University of Miami