Akira Gutierrez Renzulli

(She, her, hers)

Graduate Student

Email: aguti236@fiu.edu

Program: Clinical Science

Keywords: Adversity, trauma, social-emotional learning, school readiness, parenting, trauma-informed care

Research Areas

Akira is a doctoral student in the Clinical Science program at Florida International University and a member of the School READY Lab. Her professional experiences include teaching in inclusive classrooms, providing clinical services to children with disabilities, and supporting educators in integrating social-emotional learning in schools and classrooms. Akira’s current research interests broadly focus on investigating the implications of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma on academic, behavioral, and social-emotional development among children and youth. She is also interested in the development and implementation of trauma-informed, evidence-based practices in community settings to support youth with high incidences of ACEs and/or trauma, specifically as it relates to (1) developing and maintaining positive relationships with their primary caregivers and other adults, (2) building positive social-emotional skills, and (3) preparing for academic success.


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FIU Clinical Science PhD Program, Mentor: Dr. Katie Hart
MA, Applied Child Development, Tufts University
BA, Child Development, Tufts University