Allison Goodman

(She, her, hers)

Graduate Student


Program: Clinical Science

Keywords: Urban classrooms, prevention and promotion, academic-community partnership, dissemination and implementation science, social-emotional learning, LGBTQ+ mental health

Research Areas

Allison Goodman is a doctoral student in the Clinical Science program at Florida International University (FIU). Allison’s professional experience includes working in local under-resourced public schools through the context of an education non-profit. By leveraging her background, she hopes to better understand mental health promotion for diverse families in natural community settings. Allison believes building capacity of local organizations is key to reducing disparities. She is interested in the fusion of social-emotional learning into academic and after-school settings, to support healthy youth trajectories in communities where systemic inequities create barriers to care.


Goodman, A. C.,Hayes, T., Ouellette, R. R., Mehta, T. G., Cua, G., Atkins, M. S., Frazier, S. L, & the LINKS (Linking Neighborhoods, Kids, and Schools) Center (2022). Student psychological climate in urban classrooms: Individual differences and associations with observed classroom functioning and academic engagement. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Lee, T., Goodman, A. C.,& Frazier, S. L. (2021). Social-emotional learning behind a screen. The Community Psychologist, 3, 16-20.

Goodman, A. C.,Ouellette, R. R., D’Agostino, E. M., Hansen, E., Lee, T., & Frazier,S L (2021). Promoting Healthy Trajectories for Urban Middle School Youth Through County-Funded, Parks-Based After-School Programming. Journal of Community Psychology, 1-23.

Ouellette, R. R.,Goodman, A. C.,Martínez Pedraza, F., Moses, J. O., Cromer, K., Zhao, X., Pierre, J., & Frazier., S. L. (2020). A Systematic Review of Organizational and Workforce Interventions to Improve the Culture and Climate of Youth-Service Settings.Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 47, 764-778.

*Note: Journalism portfolio available upon request

Policy Briefs

Goodman, A. C.,Pintos Lobo, R., & Frazier, S. L. (2021, April). Life after COVID-19: Mental health promotion for adolescents transitioning to in-person activities. Research-to-Policy Collaboration.

Blank, C., Boustani, M., Chou, T., Cumming, M., Frazier, S., Goodman, A., Helseth, S., Martínez Pedraza, F. (2020, May). COVID-19 and special education. Research-to-Policy Collaboration.


Goodman, A. C.,Castaldi, G., Cancio, C. N., Bryant, K., & Frazier, S. L. (2022, November).Knowledge Access to Action: Care Extender Models to Promote Youth Mental Health in Under-Resourced Schools [Symposium presentation].Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 56thAnnual Convention, New York, NY.

Moreira, E.A., Goodman, A.C., Frazier, S.L. (November, 2020). Green mental health: Promoting social-emotional skills via outdoor physical activities in park-based after-school programs. Poster presented at Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 54th Annual Convention.

Goodman, A. C., Ouellette, R. R., D’Agostino, E. M., Hansen, E., & Frazier, S. L. (2019, November). Promoting healthy trajectories for urban youth through county-funded after-school programming. Poster presented at Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 53rd Annual Convention. Atlanta, GA.

Ouellette, R. R., Goodman, A. C., Pedraza, F. M., Cromer, K., Zhao, X., Moses, J. O., Pierre, J., & Frazier, S. L. (2019, September). A systematic review of organizational and workforce interventions to improve the culture and climate of youth service settings. Poster presented at 5th Biennial Society for Implementation Research Conference. Seattle, WA. 

Goodman, A. C., Hayes, T., Ouellette, R. R., Mehta, T. G., Atkins, M. S., & Frazier, S. L. (2019, June). Student experiences of urban classrooms: Psychological climate predicts classroom function and outcomes. Poster presented at Society for Community Research and Action 17th Biennial Conference. Chicago, IL.

Ouellette, R. R., Chou, T., Goodman, A. C., & Frazier, S. L. (2019, June). Merging local and academic knowledge to support after school recreation staff towards promoting youth resilience. Presentation at Society for Community Research and Action 17th Biennial Conference. Chicago, IL.


  • FIU Clinical Science PhD Program. Mentor: Dr. Stacy Frazier
  • BA, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Ecosystem Science and Policy, University of Miami (2013)
  • MS, Psychology; Florida International University (2020)