Saima Akbar

Graduate Student


Program: Clinical Science

Keywords: Adolescence, Neuroscience, Development, Dynamic Systems Theory, Sleep, Depression, Anhedonia, Suicide, Anxiety

Research Areas

Saima is a doctoral student in the Clinical Science program at Florida International University (FIU) and a member of the Research Exploring Motivational and Emotional Development in Youth (REMEDY) Lab.Broadly, she is interested in understanding the complex and dynamic web of neurodevelopmental and socio-cultural factors that increase risk for or protect against the onset and maintenance of psychopathology during transition from childhood to adulthood. Additionally, because questions related to development involve theories about causal mechanisms, she is interested in studying the philosophical foundations of science and neuroscience to properly contextualize empirical findings into broader theories about the development of psychopathology.


  • FIU Clinical Science PhD Program. Mentor: Dr. Dana McMakin
  • BS, Psychology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill