Jeffrey Pierre

Graduate Student



Program: Applied Social and Cultural Psychology

Major Professor: Dionne Stephens

Cohort: Fall 2022

Jeffrey Pierre is excited to be joining Dr. Stephens’ Health Disparities and Cultural identities (HDCI) Research Lab as an upcoming first-year doctoral student in the Applied Social and Cultural Psychology Program. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida International University, where he served as a research assistant in the HDCI Lab under the supervision of Dr. Dionne Stephens as well as Dr. Stacy Frazier’s Nurturing All Families through Advances in Services Innovation (NAFASI) Research Team. His current research interests broadly focus on exploring health disparities, cultural identities particularly among Black and ethnic minority groups, more specifically the nature and impact of corporal punishment in the Haitian community. In his free time, Jeffrey enjoys writing poetry, supporting local businesses, cooking, playing basketball and spending quality time with his family and friends.