Hector Peguero, MPH

Graduate Student


Email: hpegu003@fiu.edu

Program: Applied Social and Cultural Psychology

Major Professor: Dionne Stephens

Cohort: Fall 2022

Website: https://hectorpeguero.com/

After 22 years in the veterinary field as a veterinary technician for the past five years, Hector Peguero works with his advisor Dr. Dionne Stephens at the HDCI lab at Florida International University. In 2017, Hector became a Fellow for the Global health Study Abroad to India and Fullbright Fellow in 2018-2019. After his Fullbright Fellowship, Hector completed a Master's in Public Health at FIU, focusing on Health Promotion and Diseases Prevention. His thesis focused on LatinE Transgender individuals and their well-being during COVID-19. When completing his master's, Hector knew that what he wanted to do professionally was to continue exploring scientific studies serving minority populations. Therefore, his foundational research will focus on well-being, inequalities, stigma, and justice interventions and education. In Fall 2022, as a CASE Dean's Distinguished Doctoral Fellow, Hector will pursue his Ph.D. in Applied Social and Cultural Psychology in Dr. Dionne Stephens HDCI Lab. However, he is most excited about continuing to pursue his goals as a student and helping the LGBTQIA community globally while educating new generations.