Kevin Ortiz-Diaz

Graduate Student



Program: Applied Social and Cultural Psychology

Major Professor: Maureen Kenny

Cohort: Fall 2022

Kevin Ortiz-Diaz is a first year doctoral student in the ASCP program in the Department of Psychology at FIU. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Central Florida and a second Bachelor’s degree in biology from Florida Gulf Coast University. He also has a record of distinguished service in the US Navy. The culmination of Mr. Ortiz-Diaz’s experiences led to his research interest in examining female service members’ experiences in the armed forces, particularly experiences of sexual assault and harassment. His work will examine male offenders, specifically African American and Latino, and their attitudes toward their female colleagues in the military. His primary mentor will be Dr. Maureen Kenny. He will be supported by the FIU University Graduate School Veteran’s Fellowship. He is hoping to gain the tools necessary for a career researching how to help victims of abuse. He is very excited to be beginning a new chapter of his life, and to get to try out all the new foods he can find in Miami.