At a Glance

8:00 am – 8:45 am CHECK-IN/LIGHT BREAKFAST, GC Ballrooms

8:45 am – 9:30 am OPENING CERMONY/KEYNOTE REMARKS, GC Ballrooms

Opening Remarks & Welcome
Dr. Mark Rosenberg, President, FIU
Dr. Michael Heithaus, Dean, College of Arts, Sciences & Education, FIU

Keynote Speaker
Joy Prescott, 2019 Florida Teacher of the Year

9:35 am – 11:10 am BREAKOUT SESSIONS I & II

Competitive Events
Job Interview Competition, GC 241A
Public Speaking Competition, GC 316
Spotlight on Education Competition, GC 305
Writing Creative Non-Fiction Competition, PG2 120 (Blue Parking Garage)
Ethical Dilemma Competition, GC 150
Researching Learning Challenges Competition, GC 314
Chapter Display Competition, GC 243

Education Career Expo, GC 243

FIU Graduate and Undergraduate Student Poster Session, GC Ballrooms - Lobby

9:35 am – 10:20 am BREAKOUT SESSION I

Special Presentation
My Leadership Story
Presented by Stephanie Pierre, 2019 M-DCPS Rookie Teacher of the Year
GC Ballrooms

FEA Conference Workshops (Various Locations)

10:25 am – 11:10 am BREAKOUT SESSION II

Special Presentation
The Backward Approach: Beginning With the End in Mind
Presented by Tammy Freeman, 2019 BCPS Teacher of the Year
GC Ballrooms

FEA Conference Workshops (Various Locations)

11:15 am – 11:55 am LUNCH, GC Ballrooms

12:00 pm – 12:45 pm BREAKOUT SESSION III

FEA Conference Workshops (Various Locations)

FEA Student Roundtable, GC 150

FEA Advisor Networking Meeting, Miami-Dade (GC 316) & Broward (GC 241A)

12:50 pm – 1:30 pm CLOSING CEREMONY/AWARDS, GC Ballrooms

Competitive Events

Competitive events at the FEA Conference provide aspiring teachers opportunities to explore careers in education and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and leadership in the field. Competitive events fall into two categories: individual and chapter.

Click on individual event titles to download specific guidelines.

Individual Competitions

Job Interview 
Public Speaking 
Spotlight on Education
Writing Creative Non-Fiction
Leadership in Education Essay 

Chapter Competitions

Ethical Dilemma
Researching Learning Challenges
Chapter Display 

View general information about the competitions. 

Breakout Sessions and Workshops

9:35 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. - BREAKOUT SESSION I


Fun Algorithms for Playing Cards 
Presenter: Maria Cristina Charters
Instructor, School of Computing and Information Sciences at FIU
Panther Suite Dining
In this session, the use of algorithms will be highlighted with a fun activity to find the smallest value in a stack of playing cards. Then, the connection will be made between algorithms and computer programming. A "Human Machine Language" will be used to perform the "find minimum" operation.

Understanding Children's Mathematical Thinking 
Presenters: Dr. Uma Gadge & Ms. Elizabeth Forde
Panther Suite Lounge
Young children come into class with a lot of informal and intuitive mathematical knowledge and skills. To ensure that learning of mathematical concepts happen with understanding, it is important for educators to understand how children think, and use this knowledge to inform their instruction. During this session, participants will be able to engage in interactive and hands-on activities to get a sense of how children naturally think about addition and subtraction concepts, and experience how in fact their beginning conceptions are so different than adults.


My Leadership Story
Presenter: Ms. Stephanie Pierre
2019 M-DCPS Rookie Teacher of the Year
GC Ballrooms 
Stephanie Pierre shares her story of her journey in education and how it has elevated her to success. She will give insights about her passion and the classroom management skills that helped her achieve the accomplishments of starting a mentoring group for young ladies and ultimately winning the title of MDCPS Rookie Teacher of the Year.

Student Poster Session - FIU Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Posters showcase original research, action research, projects and essential elements in education courses/programs. 

Education Career Expo
Room: GC 243
Explore FIU's unique programs for teachers and other education professionals and interact with FIU students currently in the programs. 

10:25 a.m. – 11:10 a.m. - BREAKOUT SESSION II


Job Interview Competition (GC 241A)
Spotlight on Education Competition (TBA)
Writing Creative Non-Fiction Competition (GC 305)
Ethical Dilemma Competition (GC 150) 
Researching Learning Challenges Competition (GC 314)
Chapter Display Competition (GC 243) 


The Art of Visual Thinking Strategy in Teaching History
Presenter: Dr. Judith Mansilla 
Panther Suite Dining 
During this session, participants will have the opportunity to learn about and experiment with a teaching strategy that incorporates the use of digital materials and enhances the dynamics of the classroom.

Geeks and Nerds Allowed: The Role of Identity and Stereotypes in STEM
Presenters: Dr. Remy Dou & Ms. Karina Bhutta 
Panther Suite Lounge 
Why don’t we see more minorities in STEM fields? In our session, we will discuss this question and the importance of targeting stereotypes and building a student’s self-identity to motivate them to pursue STEM careers. We will also explore the exciting opportunities available in STEM education research.


The Backward Approach: Beginning with the End in Mind
Presenter: Tammy Freeman 
2019 BCPS Teacher of the Year
GC Ballrooms 
Currently, most colleges, communities, schools, parents, and even students really begin to focus on college, scholarships, and life beginning their junior year of high school. Research has proven that ninth graders have the lowest grade point average, the most missed classes, the majority of failing grades, and more misbehavior referrals than any other high school grade level. Because of the impact ninth grade year has on the ability to earn scholarships and gain admittance to most universities, we must do something to better prepare our students. In this session, we will examine the benefits of shifting our mindsets to align with the 21st Century Student.

Student Poster Session - FIU Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Room: TBA 
Posters showcase original research, action research, projects and essential elements in education courses/programs. 

Education Career Expo
Room: GC 243
Explore FIU’s unique programs for teachers and other education professionals and interact with FIU students currently in the programs.

12:00 p.m. – 12:45 p.m. - BREAKOUT SESSION III


Let’s Embrace, Engage, and Empower the Whole Student
Presenter: Ms. Joy Prescott, 2019 Florida Teacher of the Year
Room: GC 243
If we truly want to prepare students for their future we must focus on academic skills and social/emotional development. Let’s embrace the fact that we can teach these skills at the same time, engage our students in lessons that make them think deeply while at the sameness time take social risks, and empower them to use these skills in situations that transcend the classroom.


The Who, How, What, & Why of School Counseling
Presenter: Dr. Sandra Logan
Panther Suite Lounge
Not all individuals interested in education, desire to become teachers. Many educational support professions serve students and schools. Want to support students’ academic, career, and social-emotional success? Want to work with individual students, small groups, and whole classrooms? Then, school counseling may be the appropriate career path for you! Come join this lively presentation and learn more about becoming a school counselor and what the profession is all about.

Listening Across Differences
Presenters: Michael Creeden & Paul Feigenbaum
Panther Suite Dining
Listening well is an act of ethical mindfulness that requires concentration, a well-developed capacity for empathizing with others, and a willingness to continually revise one’s thinking and behavior in response to what one is hearing at any given moment. Through a variety of hands-on activities (improvisation, storytelling, reflective writing), participating students will learn to “listen on their feet,” building confidence in their ability as learners, strengthening their relationships with one another, and embracing the diverse perspectives and stories in their learning communities.

“I Include” Mandala Session
Presenter: Yadira Veres
Room: GC 305
The mission of GirlKind Project is to eliminate social bullying while improving girls’ lives by promoting kindness and inspiring support among them. As a social emotional learning program, we strive to provide girls with strategies to empower them to foster joy and peace within and cultivate a meaningful existence with a true sense of purpose. During the “Inclusion Session”, GirlKind Founder, Yadira Veres, will be leading the “I Include” mandala activity. In this exercise, students will work together to answer self-reflective questions and display their answers in the shape of a mandala. The goal of this exercise is to bring awareness to the importance of inclusion and to inspire kindness amongst each other.

Learning Science as a Scientist to Change the World
Presenter: Dr. Laird Kramer
Room: GC 314
Why not learn science by doing science? Marie Curie, Vera Rubin and Albert Einstein all used science to learn science, so why not use science to learn science in every classroom? It is happening in classrooms around the nation (and in South Florida). Please join this discussion where you can see how using scientific practices in a classroom can lead to deep understanding of science and scientific practices, in order to develop future STEM professionals that have the opportunity to solve the world’s most challenging problems, and have fun at the same time.

Language and Literacy Development: A Focus for Elementary School Teaching
Presenter: Dr. Jacqueline Lynch
Room: GC 314
This session will focus on language and literacy development in the field of Education. In particular, the session will include some of the benefits of this specialty area, as well as knowledge covered in reading/literacy courses in the School of Education and Human Development. Participants will explore some of the strategies incorporated in language and literacy courses at the undergraduate level, such as shared reading and assessment.

FEA Roundtable
Room: GC 150
What is it like to be an education major? Come and join the conversation with current college students in this interactive session where you can learn about the many things that you can do to prepare for life as an education major. Our current students will give you the inside scoop about what you should be doing while in high school to make sure you succeed in college.

FEA Advisors Networking Meeting
Miami-Dade FEA Advisors - GC 314 & Broward FEA Advisors - GC 316
FEA Advisors can use this session as an opportunity to network Networking Meeting with their fellow educators. This session will be the perfect forum for advisors to share information, resources, and experiences as we work to build a strong community of future educators.