Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

Our graduate certificate is designed for students who have a master’s degree in a subject or field of education other than educational administration/leadership.

The coursework constitutes the “modified Florida program in educational leadership” at Florida International University and addresses the competencies assessed in the Florida Educational Leadership Examination. Our program may be used to satisfy part of the requirements of the Florida Department of Education for certification in Educational Leadership.

  • Courses

    The program of study comprises a minimum of 30 semester hours:

    • EDA 6192 Leadership in Education (3)
    • EDA 6195 Communication in Educational Leadership (3) 
    • EDA 6232 School Law (3) 
    • EDA 6242 School Finance (3) 
    • EDA 6271C Administering Educational Technology (3) 
    • EDA 6503 Instructional Leadership (3) 
    • EDS 6115 School Personnel Administration (3) 
    • EDA 6943 Administrative Internship (3) 
    • EDA 6061 Introduction to Educational Leadership (3) 
    • Advisor-approved elective in Curriculum and Instruction (3) 

    In addition to the successful completion of the program's coursework, a student will be required to present evidence of having passed all sub-tests of the FELE and satisfied the ESOL requirements that demonstrate mastery of the four ESOL standards required of school administrators. 

    For more information, consult the Graduate Catalog

  • Application

    This certificate program is open to non-degree-seeking students only.

    Certificate applicants should complete the appropriate form below and submit to the department for approval. Approved certificate applications will be forwarded to the Registrar for processing.

    Graduate Certificate Application