Certificate in Film Studies

The Certificate in Film Studies enables students to study this important field in a rigorous systematic fashion. Film is the major art form and communication medium that transmits culture, influences society, and both reflects and shapes human conduct. Furthermore, film links diverse cultures through depiction of national societies and through language exposure. The Certificate will give recognition to a significant medium that generates innovative theoretical, historical, literary and creative methodologies. It will enhance interdisciplinary connections among Modern Languages, English, Sociology, Anthropology, Architecture, Visual Arts, History, Religious Studies and other departments.

Students will have a unique opportunity to access new films, film archives, film makers, internships and related benefits. This certificate will complement studies in other fields and enable students to obtain an intellectual background in the theories and methodologies of film culture.

This certificate program is open to degree-seeking students only. 

  • Courses

    This program will require 18 credit-hours from the following or others approved by the certificate program advisor.

    Core Requirements:

    • FIL 3006 Introduction to Film Studies (3)
    • ENG 4121 History of Film Twelve (3)

    In addition to the above, all students must complete an additional four courses totaling twelve credits. The following courses qualify:

    • ARC 4030 Film and the Architecture of Modern Life (3)
    • ENC 4355 Writing About Film (3)
    • ENG 3138 The Movies (3)
    • ENG 4319 Film Humor and Comedy (3)
    • ENG 4132 Studies in the Film (3)
    • ENG 4134 Women and Film (3)
    • ENG 4135 The Rhetoric of Cinema (3)
    • FIL 4940 Internship in Film Studies (1-12)
    • ENG 6935 Special Topics in College Pedagogy (when film is the topic) (3)
    • CRW 5620 Advanced Screenwriting Workshop (3)
    • AMH 3317 America and the Movies (3)
    • LAH 4734 Latin American History Through Film – GL (3)
    • HUM 4580 Film and the Humanities 3 FIL 5825 Spanish Film (3)
    • FIL 5846 Latin American Film (3)
    • FRE 4391 French Cinema (3)
    • POW 4390 Brazilian Cinema (3)
    • SPW 4391 Contemporary Spanish Cinema (3)
    • SPW 4580 El Dorado in Hispanic Literature and Film (3)
    • SPW 5781 The Representation of Women in Spanish Literature and Film (3)
    • SPW 6495 The Latin American Experience Through Literature and Film (3)
    • REL 3111 Religion in Film – GL 3 SYP 4631 Sociology Through Film (3)
    • ARH 4905 Directed Studies (when offered as film studies) (1-6)
    • ARH 5907 Directed Studies (when offered as film studies) (1-6)
    • FIL 2000 Introduction to Film-Making (3)
    • FIL 3201C Film Technique I (3)
    • FIL 4204 Film Technique II (3)

    For more information, consult the Certificate Catalog

  • Application

    Current degree-seeking students should submit the Change of Program/Plan form to add a certificate.

    Change of Program/Plan

  • Internships

    Exciting internship opportunities are available to Film Studies Certificate students. Internships give students a chance to gain concrete experience in different areas of the film industry and film culture. Students with an internship will register for FIL 4940 and will consult with the Director to discuss goals, responsibilities and the amount of course credits each specific internship is worth.

    In addition to rotating internships within the film studies certificate program, several community organizations, including the Coral Gables Art CinemaMiami Jewish Film Festival and FilmGate, have a strong relationship with the FIU film studies program. As well, local filmmakers often seek interns interested in hands-on learning about pre-production, production and/or post-production processes. Students are also encouraged to seek out internships with film festivals, filmmakers, and other local organizations or businesses involved with the moving image (yes, even game design!) and to consult with the director of the film studies program to see how these positions can fit into their course of study at FIU.

    Specific information about various internship opportunities will appear here as they become available. Please check back often.

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